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Our Components

There are dozens of specialized features available to personalize your structure.
Don’t see what you’re looking for? Just ask us, the opportunities are endless!

Burn Grate

Control fire size and position.

Confined Space Simulator

32 inch culvert for SCBA training.

Elevator Door Simulator

Adjustable tension sliding elevator doors.

Fire Suppression System

Hose hookups and overhead sprinklers.

Flashover Simulation

Practice entry into active burns.

Forcible Entry Door

Experience breaking through doors.

Garage Door

Practice entry through garage door.

Kitchen Fire Simulator

Supress fires in a kitchen burn.

Manhole Simulator

Suspended load and RIT training.

Rappel Hook

Rappel rescue training.

Recessed Balcony Simulator

Rescue on enclosed balconies.

Roof Simulator

Forcible entry through inclined roof.

Rooftop Hatch

Access rooftop through hatch.


Multiple styles of standard staircases.

Steel Shutter Window

Escape through standard size windows.

Tie-Off Hook

Training on elevated window escape.

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