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Our Structures

Aircraft Rescue Firefighting Prop
Fort McMurray, AB

The aircraft simulator was created to provide realistic training scenarios to equip the department and alleviate the cost and time burdens they were facing.

Athabasca, AB

Athabasca Fire Services Chief, Bryan Hall, was looking for a training structure that met the immediate needs of the department at a good price.

Bonnyville, AB

In 2012, the Municipal District of Bonnyville partnered with Fire Training Solutions, regional fire departments, and local businesses. These forward thinkers worked together in creating a premier fire training facility in Alberta.

Burns Lake, BC

The Burns Lake Fire Department is an all-volunteer unit, led by Chief Jason Berlin. They decided to work with Fire Training Solutions to build a training centre of their own, with the goal of providing all levels of training locally.

Clearwater County, AB

Evan Stewart, Deputy Fire Chief, was eager to build a local training centre. This new centre would help alleviate time and financial costs. The needs of the department were met, resulting in a successful build that came in under budget.

Fort McMurray, AB

In 2016, Canadian Natural Resources decided to move ahead with their two-part fire training plan. This plan included a comprehensive four-story training building and an aircraft training simulator.

Fraser Lake, BC

Chief Joe Pacheco and Dave Christie were looking for alternatives to sending their firefighters long distances for training. The safest, most realistic, and affordable situation was to partner with Fire Training Solutions to build a containerized two-story, steel building.

Hinton, AB

In 2012, the City of Hinton moved forward with their vision of a Regional Fire Training Centre. This projects was done in phases as budgets and partners became available. The resulting product proved to be a valuable resource facility for the whole city and surrounding communities.

Justice Institute of British Columbia
New Westminster, BC

JIBC purchased two used containers and had them set up in a “T” shape. The purpose of this structure was to provide a space for demonstrating fire behaviour to students.

Lac Ste. Anne County, AB

This fire training structure is located in the further regions of Lac Ste. Anne County. It is made of three containers in a two-story configuration.

Mayerthorpe East Station, AB

As Fire Chief Randy Schroeder was assessing his fire training needs, he partnered with Fire Training Solutions to create a plan. Together, they decided to build two training facilities in separate areas of Lac Ste. Anne County to meet the regional needs. 

Rankin Inlet, NU

Fire Chief Mark Wyatt was looking for a premier, six-container fire training structure. At the beginning of the COVID-19 outbreak, Nunavut closed its borders. Because of this, the structure was built to engineer specifications by the fire crew, supervised by Chief Wyatt.

Revelstoke, BC

The City of Revelstoke wanted a straightforward design that had the ability to expand. Chief Rob Girard’s primary purpose for the structure was to train basic fire behaviour and transition to full service training in the future.

Sherritt Fertilizer
Fort Saskatchewan, AB

In late 2020, David Zayonce, Manager of Emergency Services, organized the purchase and construction of a two-story training structure. He wanted a structure with the capability for expansion in the near future.

Spruce Grove, AB

In 2012, the City of Spruce Grove worked with Fire Training Solutions to develop a structure with a strong emphasis on search and rescue. The building was designed as a two-phase project in order to meet budget requirements over a period of time.

Taber, AB

Town of Taber Fire Chief, Steve Munshaw, wanted a fire training modular building that met a variety of needs. The final design met all his requests and exceeded expectations.

Virden, MB

In 2016, the Wallace District Fire Department embarked on their long-awaited plan to set up a fire training centre. The end design was straightforward and encompassed all they were looking for.

Wetaskiwin, AB

Built in the Spring of 2017, this is the first phase of a three-phase plan for a comprehensive training structure. This fire structure was designed to last long into the future, with plans to include a four-story tower and double garage.

Mobile Structures

The ability to provide live-fire training can be costly and budgets can be limiting. Fire Training Solutions has developed mobile structures to overcome these challenges.


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