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Fraser Lake, BC

Providing realistic, affordable training for many firefighters.

Chief Joe Pacheco and President of the Fire Rescue Training Society, Dave Christie, were looking for alternatives to sending their firefighters long distances for training. The safest, most realistic, and affordable situation was to partner with Fire Training Solutions to build a containerized two-story, steel building. This would provide training to indigenous and non-indigenous firefighters from a wide area, as well as other far away departments. 

This structure includes: 

  • Three 40 ft. containers
  • Enclosed exterior safety ladder for roof access
  • Rooftop 6 ft. rappel
  • Roof simulator
  • Steel hatch access into burn room with drywall ceiling prop
  • Confined space maze
  • Interior and exterior stairs
  • 32 inch side hatch
  • RIT hatch 

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