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Rankin Inlet, NU

Revolutionizing firefighter training in Nunavut.

Fire Chief Mark Wyatt was looking for a premier, six-container fire training structure. Fire Training Solutions was up to the task. The structure was fabricated in Lethbridge, AB and shipped in sections to Montreal, QC. The sections were then shipped by barge to Rankin Inlet, NU during the small window of summer with open water.

At the beginning of the COVID-19 outbreak, Nunavut closed its borders. Because of this, the structure was built to engineer specifications by the fire crew, supervised by Chief Wyatt. Quite the accomplishment!

This structure includes: 

  • Two exterior stairs with access to level three
  • Eight steel windows
  • Three steel doors
  • Full rooftop grating and safety railings
  • Three burn rooms: 10 ft. burn room with doors, 8 ft. open burn room, and a simulated kitchen burn room
  • Two RIT hatches
  • Two rappel hooks
  • Roof simulator
  • BBQ balcony
  • Standpipe and sprinkler system
  • 12 ft. interior steel maze
  • Forcible entry door
  • Apartment bedroom simulator
  • Temperature probe

“The new Rankin Inlet Live Fire Training Building is complete and ready to revolutionize firefighter training in Nunavut … Thanks to Fire Training Solutions for taking our vision and making it happen … [this centre] will offer world class fire training not only to Rankin firefighters, but also to firefighters throughout the territory.”

– Mark Wyatt, Fire Chief

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