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Spruce Grove, AB

Two-phase project designed for search and rescue training.

In 2012, the City of Spruce Grove worked with Fire Training Solutions to develop a structure with a strong emphasis on search and rescue. The building was designed as a two-phase project in order to meet budget requirements over a period of time. Phase one began in early 2013 and phase two was completed in Fall 2014.

Phase One

Phase one of this structure includes: 

  • One 20 ft. and three 40 ft. containers
  • Exterior stairs and grating on level two, designed to be removeable
  • Concrete floors
  • Rappel anchor for high angle work
  • Standpipe and sprinkler system
  • Burn room
  • Interior stairs for below grade attack

Phase two of this structure includes: 

  • One 40 ft. container to complete the search and rescue areas in the bedrooms and bathroom
  • One 20 ft. container to add a forcible entry garage door
  • Additional burn room
  • Enlarged the existing burn room to 10 ft.
  • Enlarged the roof area for ladder work
Phase Two

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